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Oklahoma's Premier Boating Experience for Scuba Diving, Leisure Cruising, and Scuba Education 

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We're off to the lake!


Scuba Diving

Martini's Law is first and foremost a dive boat, built to bring ocean boat-diving experiences to the inland lakes of Oklahoma and surrounding states.


Lake Cruising

For some reason, just about everything is more fun on the water.  Going for a cruise on the lake is a great way to unwind, and you'll always find friendly faces on board Martini's Law.  Evening cruises are scheduled on short notice - sign up for alerts if you're interested in joining us!


Scuba Continuing Education

Working towards your Adventure, Advanced, or other certification?  Divers who train in lakes are often more confident in the ocean, and divers who train close-to-home get to enjoy more leisure diving abroad.  Martini's Law always recommends ScubaBros for top-notch PADI dive instruction.  Call ScubaBros to enroll!


PADI Boat Diver

Martini's Law is outfitted like a dive boat you'd find in the Caribbean or South Pacific, which makes it perfect for any diver who wants to earn the PADI Boat Diver Specialty*.  (*Counts towards the PADI Master Scuba Diver rating.)


Lake Days

Martini's Law is always looking for new lakes to explore with friends, within 150 miles of Oklahoma City.  Where would you like to go?

Radio Check!!!

What's in a Name?

What IS "Martini's Law"?

Martini's Law is the established scuba diving adage which holds as a mathematical law that nitrogen narcosis gives a diver the intoxicating feeling of one martini for every 33 feet that he goes below 66 feet.

Here's the equation:

(Depth in feet - 66) / 33 = Number of Martinis

Sounds... fun? Scary?

Popularized by terms like "rapture of the deep" and "narc'd", this phenomenon is actually well-known among certified divers and it's risks are managed through safe buddy diving practices... which includes waiting to drink alcohol (e.g. a martini!) until after your diving is done.

Lake Days Inquiry

Please provide some information about your idea for a voyage, and we'll contact you to discuss details.

Martini's Law

(405) 229-6629 (Captain* Andrew) *not an official Captain, but likes to wear the hat and loves it when you call him "Captain" or "Skipper".